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Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams:

Author, Designer, Advocate

Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams is a distinguished author and an award-winning fashion designer, celebrated for her vibrant and exclusive creations in the world of haute couture. With over thirty years of experience in the fashion industry, her label, Remilda Rose Designs—inspired by her grandmother, Remilda Ethelyn Davis Taylor, and her mother, Letitia Rose Taylor-Curry—embodies the epitome of high fashion, combining luxury with personalized artistry.

Beyond her success in fashion, Dr. Gillian is a compelling writer whose works reflect her profound journey through personal and professional realms. Her writings explore the rich intersections between her intricate knowledge of fashion design and her intense personal experiences, such as her battle with breast cancer and her advocacy for cancer awareness. Dr. Gillian's narrative is one of resilience and empowerment, themes that resonate deeply in her literary outputs.

After a series of personal challenges, including a decisive battle with cancer, Dr. Gillian stepped forward to use her voice and her pen to empower others. Her books often detail the transformational impact of her experiences on her life and work, offering readers both inspiration and practical advice. They serve as a testament to her belief in the healing power of creativity and self-expression, whether through the cut of a garment or the words on a page.

Dr. Gillian's philanthropic efforts, particularly through the Fabric of Hope Foundation, extend her influence beyond the fashion runway and into the lives of those affected by cancer. This foundation not only supports cancer patients but also memorializes her personal and professional philosophies in a tangible form, further enriching the narrative depth of her publications.

In her writings, Dr. Gillian embodies the spirit of a woman who dresses and lives with intentionality and grace, advocating for a life that is fearlessly lived and beautifully adorned. Her upcoming projects continue to weave together her expertise in fashion design and her passion for storytelling, promising to inspire those who find beauty in the resilience of the human spirit.

Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams: Published Author

Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams, renowned for her exquisite haute couture designs, brings the same level of passion and precision to her writing. As an author, Dr. Gillian provides a window into her world, where fashion intersects profoundly with personal empowerment and resilience.

Books and Publications

Dr. Gillian's literary portfolio is a rich tapestry of her experiences, mirroring her professional journey and personal battles, particularly her fight against breast cancer. Her writing not only explores the glamour and intricacies of high fashion but also delves deeply into themes of survival, empowerment, and transformation. Each publication offers readers a unique blend of practical advice, inspirational narratives, and a deeper understanding of the resilience required to navigate life's challenges.

Featured Works

Dr. Gillian’s books are reflections of her life’s work and philosophy. Her memoir details her battle with cancer, providing not just a narrative of her medical journey but also offering guidance and hope to others facing similar challenges. Additionally, her series on 'The Art of Haute Couture' brings readers into the meticulous and often misunderstood world of high fashion, highlighting its challenges and triumphs.

Writing Philosophy

Dr. Gillian believes in the power of storytelling as a tool for healing and inspiration. Her writings serve as a testament to her belief that overcoming obstacles is not only about surviving but thriving. Through her books, she aims to empower her readers to embrace their challenges with grace and to find beauty in their journeys.

Explore Dr. Gillian's Publications

Discover more about Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams' published works and her ongoing contributions to literature. Whether you are seeking inspiration, guidance, or a deeper appreciation of haute couture, Dr. Gillian's writings provide valuable insights and enriching experiences.

Her mission is simple yet profound:

'To help somebody as I travel on, then my living would not have been in vain.'

This mission permeates her work as a designer, author, and philanthropist, striving to empower and beautify the world, one person at a time.


about Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams' books


First, I would like to state how much I love the title. People sometimes focus on the diagnosis rather than the quality of life that can be achieved and how it can be maintained. I agree that independence should be encouraged in older people, and I am glad this book provides the means to do so.

- Anthony

Caregiving: A Journey that is worth the Trip.

Dr. Gill, indeed wrote a master piece that can resonate with anyone traveling the road of caregiving.

The real stories took me on a journey, of laughter, hope and healing.

This book will benefit one who need to be reassured that caregiving though at times can be tedious, once done in love and faith it will make the journey light.

This is a most read..

-k. F

A great perspective!

This book was a great read! It gave the readers a very thorough and detailed insight of what a caregiver's role and responsibility is all about. The one thing that made this book enjoyable is how the author used her personal experiences and stories to relate to the readers. Definitely a must read!!!

- Shantell Rolle-Missick

Remilda Rose Designs: The Epitome of Haute Couture

Explore Remilda Rose Designs

Whether you seek a bespoke gown for a special occasion or wish to explore the transformative power of haute couture, Remilda Rose Designs promises an unparalleled fashion experience.

Founded by Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams, Remilda Rose Designs stands as a beacon of haute couture, embodying the pinnacle of personalized luxury fashion. Inspired by the strength and grace of her grandmother, Remilda Ethelyn Davis Taylor, and her mother, Letitia Rose Taylor-Curry, Dr. Gillian has crafted a brand that is synonymous with elegance, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty.

Philosophy and Vision

At the heart of Remilda Rose Designs is a commitment to creating more than just garments; each piece is a statement of identity and a work of art. The brand’s philosophy centers on haute couture's traditional values—exclusivity, meticulous handcrafting, and the use of luxurious, often unconventional materials. Dr. Gillian’s approach to fashion is deeply personal, involving a collaborative process with clients to ensure that every creation reflects their personality and desires while pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

Signature Collections

Each collection from Remilda Rose Designs is a showcase of innovative design and intricate detailing. Dr. Gillian's work frequently graces international runways, earning accolades for its creative vision and exquisite execution. Her collections often incorporate thematic elements that reflect her personal experiences and broader cultural influences, making each runway show not just a display of fashion but a narrative experience.

Commitment to Artistry

Remilda Rose Designs is renowned for its fusion of traditional techniques with avant-garde aesthetics. Dr. Gillian employs a team of skilled artisans who bring her visionary designs to life, from the initial sketches to the final embellishments. The brand's commitment to artistry is evident in the precision of its tailoring and the innovative use of materials, which range from richly dyed fabrics to intricate beading and embroidery.

Impact and Outreach

Beyond the world of high fashion, Remilda Rose Designs plays an integral role in Dr. Gillian’s advocacy and philanthropic efforts. Through collaborations and themed collections, the brand has supported various causes, notably the Fabric of Hope Foundation, which aids cancer patients and raises awareness about the disease. These initiatives reflect Dr. Gillian’s belief in fashion as a force for good, capable of inspiring change and empowering individuals.

Fabric of Hope Foundation: Weaving Compassion into Every Thread

Founded by Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams, the Fabric of Hope Foundation embodies her commitment to giving back to the community and supporting those affected by cancer. This initiative reflects Dr. Gillian's personal journey with breast cancer and her deep-seated desire to extend support and hope to others facing similar challenges.

Mission and Vision

The Fabric of Hope Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers through advocacy, education, and financial support. Its mission is to weave a network of support that uplifts and empowers individuals throughout their cancer journey, reflecting Dr. Gillian’s philosophy that no one should face this battle alone.

Initiatives and Programs

The foundation's initiatives are diverse, ranging from educational seminars that provide crucial information about cancer prevention and treatments to community support groups that offer a space for sharing and healing. One of the foundation’s key programs includes the distribution of specially designed "Fabric of Hope" garments. These garments, created by Remilda Rose Designs, feature a unique floral pattern representing the strength and resilience of cancer warriors, with colors symbolizing different cancer types.

Collaborations and Impact

Dr. Gillian leverages her prominence in the fashion industry to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and patient care. The foundation frequently collaborates with healthcare organizations, other non-profits, and community leaders to broaden its reach and impact. Annual charity fashion shows, where survivors take the runway wearing creations from Remilda Rose Designs, highlight the courage of those affected by cancer and raise substantial funds for the foundation’s cause.

Community Engagement

The Fabric of Hope Foundation is committed to building a community of support and advocacy. It organizes and participates in various events throughout the year, including cancer walks, survivor galas, and educational workshops, all designed to foster a supportive network and raise public awareness about cancer.

Life Coaching with Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams

Coaching Philosophy

Dr. Gillian believes that personal style is fundamentally linked to overall well-being, influencing life satisfaction and success. She leverages her expertise in haute couture fashion to guide clients in shaping their personal and professional narratives, emphasizing authenticity, resilience, and elegance.

Book Dr. Gillian for Your Next Event

Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams is not just a dedicated life coach but also a captivating speaker and workshop leader. Her extensive experience in fashion, writing, and philanthropy allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to every event.

Why Book Dr. Gillian?

Inspirational Insights:

Dr. Gillian shares her journey with authenticity and passion, inspiring audiences to pursue their dreams with determination and grace.

Expertise in Multiple Fields:

She possesses deep knowledge across haute couture, personal empowerment, and overcoming adversity, enriching her engagements with diverse insights.

Customizable Presentations:

Dr. Gillian tailors each talk or workshop to align with the specific themes and objectives of your event, ensuring both relevance and impact.

Are you ready to inspire and empower your audience at your next conference, summit, or seminar?

Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams offers transformative life coaching that draws from her profound experiences as a fashion designer, author, and cancer survivor. Her coaching is designed to empower individuals to embrace their personal stories, enhance their self-expression, and achieve their highest potential. Dr. Gillian’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that personal style and well-being are deeply interconnected with one’s overall life satisfaction and success. Utilizing her background in haute couture, she helps clients craft not only their external appearance but also their entire life narrative, focusing on authenticity, resilience, and elegance.

Book Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams today to bring a touch of elegance, resilience, and profound insight to your event.

Media Appearances

Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams' remarkable journey as a fashion designer, author, and philanthropist has been highlighted in various prominent media outlets, showcasing her influence and dedication across different fields. Here are just a few examples:

CanvasRebel Magazine: An insightful interview discussing her career path, design philosophy, and personal experiences.

Refuse TO Lose Women's Empowerment Magazine: Featured in the Spring 2022 issue, highlighting her empowering narrative and mission.

Instant Press: Shares her resilience in overcoming personal and business challenges.

The Nassau Guardian: "Fierce, Fabulous, Breastless Beauty" explores her battle with breast cancer and her tailored fashion designs for survivors.

These appearances are only some of the many instances where Dr. Gillian's work and impact have been recognized in the media, making her a sought-after speaker and expert in fashion, empowerment, and cancer advocacy.

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